Gifts for Long Distance Family

Gifts for Long Distance Family

December 04, 2019
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Here are 10 ideas of gifts to give a loved one that will be long distance this holiday season. 

1-Dual time zone watch!

2-Touch Lamps-Let's your loved one know when your thinking of them!

3-Fresh Flower Subscription-Give a gift monthly to let them know your thinking of them!

4-A Meal Kit-I love this idea! I love gifts that truly help!

5-New Luggage! It will encourage a visit!

6-Stationary Set-Encourage more handwritten notes. Who doesn't love that?

7-Homesick Candles

8-Webcam or Tablet with a camera! SKYPE! It's the next best thing to actually being in person!

9-Pajamagram will deliver PJ's to your whole family. You can still match this Christmas!

10-Photoframe, but instantly make photos available to your loved ones!